we got the jazz, we got the jazz

I was listening to The Low End Theory last week on a beautiful Spring afternoon, and it took me right back to late Spring maybe 13 years ago when it first came out. Took me back to afternoon turning into night running ball on blacktop courts and cheap sodas in between runs. Walking home exhausted and salty, and goin back the next day for more. Nothing like Spring evenings..


eltamkidzkroo said...

which is better?
low end
or midnight?

saul williams stole the show..
talib was good..
but.. saul has more personality.
a few weeks after that show
i got to see mos def..

the last show i caught was at the black cat
el vez -the mexican elvis and machetres..

it's been a good year so far.

sixfive said...

Well, both are classics, so I couldnt say one is better, though I personally prefer Midnight Marauders.