I really wish I had thought of this.


book cover archive

Great new site (and well designed): The Book Cover Archive.

Emory Douglas exhibit

Emory Douglas was the designer in chief for the Black Panthers, and did some incredible work in the 60s and 70s. I really want to see this exhibit.




"...the blue tinted mood of a seemingly endless night. Images of laying in a bed with no sheets, late on a humid night, a gentle rain smearing the windows and the black streets below, a woman asleep with her head buried in your shoulder and her body pressed against you swaying with her breath, blue wisps of smoke from a cigarette lingering in the thick still air. This music is the sound of relaxed-romance, romance after passion but before sleep. A strange mingling of melancholy and quiet satisfaction."

An excerpt from a fucking perfect review of Ike Quebec's Blue and Sentimental.


nothing is original.

by Mark Malazarte. This quote pretty much describes my blog, a bunch of things stolen from other places that resonate with me.

underneath providence

A small zine created by Alex Lukas detailing the underground tunnel underneath Providence, RI. I've been inside this tunnel a time or two in my life, though I'm sure anything I put up is long gone.


r.i.p. Freddie Hubbard

To the left you can listen to one of my favorite Freddie Hubbard tracks: First Light.

art of the title sequence.

The Art of the Title