2nd digi-rebel shot

2nd digi-rebel shot, originally uploaded by ndm77.


trevor said...

how do you like the camera so far? isn't it great not having to mess around with film? i'm not sure if you heard of the modified firmware hack to get the rebel to unlock a bunch of hidden features so it acts almost like the 10d. here's some info http://www.bahneman.com/liem/photos/tricks/digital-rebel-tricks.php

sixfive said...

it's great. But I do wish it had a sturdier body- the image quality really is excellent though so I can't complain. I think I'll get the vertical grip to give it more heft.
Yeah I know about the hack, but I'm a little but gunshy to do it, might give it a couple of weeks. You Hawaii pictures are amazing, especially the snorkeling one. Excellent perspective. The color on the bay/harbor shot is great too.

eltamkidzkroo said...

think ya can
throw this up
for the flickr gallery showing
on june 25th
at my restaurant?

i really like it..
it would look great in there.

samurai champloo..
-gotta love watching new anime
soundtrackt by nujabes
samurai blended with hiphop..

anna said...

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