kanye 'i wonder'

This is a video done by video editor Derrick Lee. The video is from Tron (1982). Why don't we get these incredible portrayals of "the future" anymore?

book re-design

Redesign for my Typography II class of the book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunry Suzuki.

Marion Deuchars

Came across this British designer Marion Deuchars this morning, really lovin the style. Her color combinations are especially on point.


shepard fairey Obama poster

New limited edition poster available on the Obama site designed by Shepard Fairey for $70. Pretty good deal since 100% goes to Obama's campaign; especially if you were donating anyway.


Song of the Underground Railroad.

Up to the right I posted a new track, John Coltrane's 'song of the underground railroad' off his Africa/Brass LP.
Recorded in May of 1961, it features—in addition to Coltrane on tenor and soprano sax—Freddie Hubbard and Booker Little on trumpet, Eric Dolphy on alto sax, clarinet and flute, McCoy Tyner on piano, Art Davis on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums.


the thing.

(Click to see full-size)

An incredible installation from 1981 by artist Justen Ladda. You can see how The Thing was painted onto the seats and wall to create the effect in the photo below.



This book of film title sequences looks great...unfortunately it's out of stock already at Amazon.



Took shots of the rapper Wale for DC Modern Luxury magazine, but they didn't like em.

If Saul Bass did Star Wars...

What if my favorite designer had done the Star Wars title sequence? A cool video some people put together. Makes me laugh...


Horace Silver + Elvin Jones

phenomenal. skip to minute 16 for the best part...