Elevator Fight

Elevator Fight (really just Zoe Kravitz since there was only enough light on her).


elevator fight @ Liv

Flyer I designed for Elevator Fight. Show is this Thursday at Liv, should be a good one.

lego architecture.

I'm the last person to post this, but I like it so much I don't care. I had lot of legos when I was little, but never anything this cool. They're $45 so I might wait until they pop up on eBay.

sichuan pavilion

Spicy beef from Sichuan Pavilion, a solid Chinese spot in downtown DC.


new shots.

All shot with Olympus XA + Fuji Neopan 1600 (shot at 800).


this picture makes me want to go skating.

Tommy Guerrero.


Mexican coke.

Not the illegal kind.

Crash One - TATSCRU

A great piece. Bronx, NY.


wu-tang blue-noted.

It's a Wu-Tang week here. Designer Logan Walters didn't like the original Wu-Tang covers (I am a little insulted by this, but I digress..), so he designed new covers based on the Blue Note aesthetic for import into his itunes. Really great work on most of these.

Still though, these are dope (and classic) covers:

You can see the Liquid Swords original below. These don't need a redesign, though as an exercise the Blue Note remix is interesting and well executed.