Ali screenprint

This is a screenprint I finished Friday in my Printmaking for Digital Media class. The first one was actually an error; the blue was supposed to uniformly cover the background, but it worked out pretty well that it didn't. The image is based off a photograph from a postcard I bought while at an exhibition of Black British photographers at the Museum of London a few years ago.



This Johnny Cash print from Print Mafia is pretty damn dope.


shepard fairey at sxsw

(click image for more photos)


bob marley exhibit, georgetown.

Some rare and intimate images of Bob Marley at a new Govinda Gallery exhibit.

XO - Realmatic.

I've been in DC for about 13 years now, and this is one of the 2 or 3 best albums I've heard yet out of the city. The production even manages to incorporate a go-go sound without it being an mc rapping over straight go-go. Between XO and Wale someone from DC is going to blow up this year. (click album image to download)


Alice Russell

I did these flyers for the Alice Russell show this week at Bohemian Caverns, and was way too excited when we walked into Ben's Chili Bowl Saturday night and saw these laying there.


The albums I've bought in the past month or so since I set up my turntable, it's great to hear jazz on vinyl, the crackling and deep sounds it gives off fill our apartment.