Criterion blog + Auteurs

Criterion's blog has a new look.

Also, Criterion launched The Auteurs, a 'virtual cinematheque'.


iphone vs. storm

Article by Jeff Staple/Staple Design on iphone vs. BB.

Started out Friday in line for a Blackberry Storm, and ended it having switched from Verizon to AT&T and the iPhone. Very happy so far...(re: the article: we're not the only ones to be tempted by the Blackberry Storm, then go iPhone, Melanie.)



Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.

I like the Warhols on the wall.


LIFE photos at Google

Google is hosting the archives of LIFE magazine. You can search their archives, for ex.: "muhammad ali source:life"

Spy Who Came in from the Cold

A new one from the Criterion Collection that I'd like to check out. It's based on the book written by John LeCarre, who also wrote The Constant Gardener (I recommend the book over the movie).


Air Max 1

Yes, please.

The greatest gift of all.


Picasso bombs.


Bond book.

New James Bond collection by Penguin. Pretty smooth cover design.

Moleskine mods.

I'm a fan of the moleskine notebook even though I don't write; I just use it for random-ness. The moleskine hard drive is TIGHT.


O in Obama

Spread that would have run in the Harvard alum magazine 02138 until it folded. Designed by Luke Hayman of Pentagram.

Stop Smiling #37: the DC Issue

Stop Smiling magazine has released an all-DC issue, with Anwan Glover and George Pelacanos on 2 cover versions.


Molotov polo.

Oh wow. Polo re-done, with Molotov cocktail (by Morning Breath)...brilliant. Seen on Kitsune Noir.

reading list addition.


great pens.

The uni-ball VISION RT is a great pen.

cover of the week/month

The colors and grid here are spectacular. The only thing I'm not sold on is how detached the 'Play miles davis' is from the rest.. since it's supposed to connect to the names that are 'playing' Miles Davis.


Seen on Grain Edit.

14th&U at 1 AM

_DSC5031, originally uploaded by six.five.

_DSC5053, originally uploaded by six.five.


manassas, va

va_crowd3, originally uploaded by six.five.