Good Morning

Brokedown Delorians, floating exploding heads, and a carnivorous cloud. Brilliant.


Benedict Redgrove photos

Seen on Iso 50.


respect the beach

another shot from my trip to rhode island last month.

Architecture School

I started watching this new show last week (which was the first episode). It follows a Tulane architecture class as they design low-cost housing for New Orleans residents; one of the designs will be voted on by the students and then they'll build it themselves.



A nice throwback design from MoveOn.org


08-09 Arsenal jersey

Just ordered the new Arsenal away jersey. It's a throwback to their 1989 jersey.


Pietr Hugo

I found these portraits by photographer Pietr Hugo on wallpaper.com.


Muji CD Player

If I still played CDs like that, I'd put up the $$$ to have this on the wall.


Combining my love for things Japanese and comic-related.. this looks very interesting. Cover designed by Chip Kidd.

LG Dare camera

I'm so impressed; I could make prints with this damn thing. It's 3.2 megapixels with a Schneider Kreuznach lens (also used in Hasselblad and Rollei lenses). This eases the pain of not having the iPhone, somewhat.



GOOD magazine maps the world's greatest journeys, including Jack Kerouac's.


Matthew Palladino

I saw this piece on The Aesthetic Poetic. Really great work... I want to buy one of these.


my 'office'

Yashicamat 124 + Fuji 800z.

Georgetown Law Review

A shout out to my wife for being accepted onto the Georgetown Law Journal: The 8th-ranked law journal in the country! Very proud of you, baby.

(I also like those Nike Hoya Dunks)


electric sheep

A new magazine that could have been made by me or for me. Thanks to magculture for spotting this. (and nice still from Killer of Sheep on the cover.

Nikon D700

What I've been waiting a long time for is here: a full-frame Nikon DSLR at a vaguely affordable pricepoint. It will take me a while to be able to afford this $3,000 camera, but it's better than $7,000. At least now I don't have to consider switching to Canon.


eye magazine blog

The greatest graphic design magazine around, Eye Magazine, now has a new blog.


60s Brazilian Book Covers

These Brazilian book cover designs, influenced by Penguins covers of the time, are pretty excellent. (thanks to Grain Edit for posting these...great catch.)