Today was a good day.

I've watched this probably 15 times, and could continue watching all day. A perfect ad. You may want to watch the original for reference...



Governor's Island

My friend Trevor and I went to check out Governor's Island in New York Harbor last weekend. It has some interesting run-down buildings and art installations. Like an idiot, I ran out of film and didn't get a lot of the island. (click to view full-size)



l.e.s. (I think)

Leica Minilux + Fuji Superia 400


French graffiti exhibition

I love that there is an exhibition (mostly) on the NYC graffiti scene in Paris. More at the Foundation Cartier site. Photos from the exhibit book from La MJC.



Penguin Magnums

A new series of Penguin editions using unpublished photos from the Magnum Photo Agency's archives.

"For many years Penguin Books has been at the forefront of publishing classic literature and bringing it to a wider public. Penguin has often used Magnum photographs on their covers, ensuring that the same audience gets to see great images from the archive. Magnum is proud to continue this tradition with this latest set of books, where Penguin's choice of images range from the quirky to the classic; these are photographs that truly represents the history and great diversity of Magnum Photos."
Mark Power: Photographer & Vice President London Office, Magnum Photos

"Our starting point was trying to dress six classic works of American reportage in cutting-edge design that properly reflected their style and substance, to bring them to the attention of a whole new readership. When that became a collaboration with Magnum, it suddenly was impossible to imagine doing it any other way. The Penguin Magnum Collection was a partnership that immediately felt right."
Rowland White, Michael Joseph Non-Fiction Publishing Director