kate's poems.

Today is my sister's birthday; happy birthday Kate! The real reason I am posting this is to link her poetry blog: Kateboarding. The name came from a cutout from a Skateboarding Magazine cover that I had removed the 'S' from, leaving Kateboarding.

Here is a poem I like of hers:

Movie Star Eggplant
I peeled the eggplant
wondering at its plump curvaceous form
yet firm in its voluptuousness,
confident in its curve,
unlike a woman in 21st century America.
This was no Kate Moss
of eggplants.
This was a Marilyn Monroe
with a decidedly purpliness
that was glamorous and old school.
I peeled the
purple skin as neatly, as tenderly
as one peels wet clothes
from a lover's body
when returning home
after caught in a thunderstorm.


Luis Gomez said...

Happy Birthday to Kate! I liked the poem.

sixfive said...

Thanks Luis, I'll tell her. See you guys Friday!