The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

I was reminded of this brilliant album by Too Shy To Stop today. If you haven't heard it, here's their description:

"Black Saint burns with anguish. Mixing the sounds of film noir with Ellington-esque orchestrated jazz, Mingus created a revolutionary tonal palette, one that captured the romantic alto of Charlie Mariano, bellowing timbers of tuba and baritone saxophone, and a stunning collection of muted trumpets and trombones."


rashad said...

I will now comb the streets of DC for the vinyl version

sixfive said...

oh man, yes. please do..

Yoknapatawpha Kid said...


This is a very cool blog! Anyone who encourages democratic participation, listens to jazz, and is aware of the brilliant Christopher Hitchens is alright in my book!

This message is from Peter Ricci; I'm actually the author of the 'Black Saint' piece you are citing, here. Great to read that you love the album, and I'm happy that you enjoyed the article.

We always have new material over at 'Too Shy,' so make sure you're checking in consistently! Yesterday, I had my latest article published on the autumnal music of Nick Drake. Check it out!

sixfive said...

Thanks for coming by Peter.. that was a great piece, I'll be coming back to check out the site for sure.

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