Fitting the profile, a crime in NYC (and elsewhere).

From the NYPOST.


"What did I do?" I asked when we arrived at the 49th Precinct station house. "Why am I being arrested?"

"Keep walking. This is not an arrest. You're getting a summons," Officer Castillo said.

Inside, Officer Reynolds shoved me into a cell. Digging through my bag, Officer Castillo picked out my driver's license and said, "Look at this. He is not even from the projects."

I angrily shouted, "Because I am black that means I'm supposed to be from the projects? That's profiling and you know it!"

"Tsk, tsk," Castillo replied.

When Officer Reynolds returned, I again asked why I had been incarcerated. "This is not incarceration. Do you know what incarceration means?" he said.

I unloaded: "I have a master's degree from Columbia University. I am a reporter for the New York Post. What do you mean this is not incarceration?"

The air froze. Officer Castillo kept writing, but I watched his face go flush. "

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